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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Latest Technology Trends That You Need to Integrate Into Your Business

I'm seeing more and more companies struggle with tech into their business. I think kids these days things auto-magically happen. With the steady evolution...

Roasted Bone Marrow

Last August I moved offices to another location. At my old location, I believed food fell from the sky…in the form of cupcakes. Sweets...

Octopus Ceviche

I finally settled down after a long day of shooting pictures for my cookbook. I'm not even sure how many dishes I pushed out....

Moringa Udon


April Fools – Google Maps 8-bit

I have 1 hour left until April 2nd and I totally forgot to write my April Fools post. Today I found Google’s April Fools...



Chicken Cacciatore Recipe

Portions 100 Ingredients 1 bulb minced garlic 2 quarts slicked onions 3 cups sweet peppers 2 cups oil 2 1/4 gallons canned tomatoes 3/4 gallon water 5 bay leaves 2 1/4 tablespoons chili powder 2...

Peach Crisp Recipe


2012 New Year Resolution

I don't have much planned this year for resolutions. The main thing I need to do is spend more time in the wood shed....

Mega Millions Lottery

The Mega Millions lottery is up to $540 million and still growing for the draw to happen on March 30. If you win this...

My Christmas List 2009

Here's my Christmas list for 2009.  My wife asked me to create one.  I think this list sums up what I think I want...

Connecting Flights: Sears Commercial

I was sitting down in the movie theater waiting to watch…I totally forgot the movie and then the trailers start. This clip comes on...

My New Year Geeky Resolutions

The new year is coming quickly which prompted people asking me what my New Year Resolutions will be.  I thought about going to...


Thanksgiving 2009

Planning helps, right? I wanted this last part of this series to be about what to do with leftovers but I decided to write about...