Where Have All the Greyhounds Gone?


The last time I checked on these greyhounds, they arrived in LA.  6 months later we find those cute greyhounds 7,000 miles away from home.  Here’s the most recent news.  They are in Ohio!

Here’s the strange thing on this article:

That the Guam greyhounds survived at all is nothing short of a miracle.

“The dogs lost in the jungle, found starving, found by the side of the road, hit by cars and they were very lucky that the Greyhound Protection League was there to help them,” said Linda Perko, of Greyhound Adoption of Ohio.  Perko said, “When we started doing this 16 years ago, there were about 50,000 dogs a year born and about 50,000 destroyed.”

This whole time, I thought they came from the race track.  Anyways, if you’re near Ohio, check out: www.greyhoundadoptionofoh.org.


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