2014 End of Year Review


As 2014 comes to a close I am looking back and remembered that this blog finally hit over half-a-million hits. After crunching some numbers, I realized that 155K of them came from 2014 alone. I also appreciate the reports from WordPress that say things like it would take 6 days of viewing if my blog was featured at the Louvre. For reporting, I rely on the built-in stats from WordPress.com to display actual number of visitors. While I also look at Google Analytic reports, I find that it cannot filter out my personal visits to the site thus inflating those numbers.

Here’s a recap the year of the posts that exceeded 1,500 hits each:

Cardboard Game of Thrones

Straight Quotes Because I Dislike Curly Quotes

Thyme: A Kitchen Timer for Your Culinary Arts

Kobe Beef

Egg Custard or Crust-less Quiche?

Magic the Gathering M15 Checklist

Will the Ninth Circuit Allow Racial Discrimination in Voting in Guam?

Personally, I’m not even sure where to go with this list: 1 fun thing, 1 formatting thing, 3 food things, 1 card game thing, and 1 Guam thing. I’m just glad that the majority on this list has something to do with food. I’m slightly curious as to what 2015 will bring but for now, I will celebrate with this last post of the year knowing that in 2014 I made half-a-million hits. Thank you to all the readers and my Twitter followers for making this happen.

Happy New Year!


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