Not Another Wedding Checklist

12+ Months
  • Announce it
  • Tell your friends and weed out the haters
  • Dream about a theme and style, like taco truck vs tuxedos
  • How much money do you really have? What place is good for photos?
  • How many guests? Will your mother-in-law invite her squad?
  • Don't buy a magazine
  • Figure out if you want to do this on your own or if you need a lot of help
  • Keep a list of vendors (photographers, videographers, bands or DJs, ceremony musicians)
  • Get overly excited and tell everyone you see
  • Post a picture on social media
  • Write down how the proposal happened because you'll forget later
11 Months
  • Do you need a consultant? If yes, get one
  • Figure the theme. Plain vanilla, court ceremony, etc...
  • Does the venue allow for outside food? If yes, figure out a caterer
  • Book entertainment for for reception
  • Wedding ceremony musicians?
  • Book the photographer and videographer. The good ones are a 2 year wait
  • Make a notebook so you can start scrapbooking things you like such as flower and arrangement
  • Reserve your ceremony venue
  • Choose reception venue
  • Start yelping and asking around about where to buy the gown
  • Build your squad
  • Meet with your officiant to discuss the ceremony


10 Months
  • Order the gown. For real, it takes a while to get it
  • Discuss attendants' duties with your #squad


9 Months
  • Register for wedding gifts
  • Check in with your vendors
  • Figure out the menu
  • Prepare a playlist of songs because you don't want your relatives to pick for you
  • Order your shoes and other things
  • Bug the gown store
  • Research airline, hotel and rental-car reservations for out-of-town guests
8 Months
  • Try to fit the dress
  • Order squad accessories
  • Select florist


7 Months
  • Notify squad about dress fittings
  • Groom's squad attire
  • Select attire for flower girl and ring bearer
  • Discuss the wedding invitations, stationery, cards, posters, maps, thank-you notes, and other printed items
  • Start working on the program/events for the ceremony and reception
  • Negotiate rates and book a block of hotel rooms for out-of-town guests
  • Get more rings


6 Months
  • Order wedding invitations and other printed items
  • Honeymoon stuff if you can afford it
5 Months
  • Cake and caterer tasting
  • Secure reservations for the rehearsal dinner after you figure out who's going
4 Months
  • Start to write your wedding vows
  • Groom and squad, figure out clothes
  • Make honeymoon reservations
3 Months
  • Discuss bachelorette/bachelor party plans with your squad
  • Plan your bridesmaids' lunch
  • Make appointment with stylist
  • Work on more of the printed items
2 Months
  • Mail out invitations
  • Fit into the gown and arrange for pickup or delivery
  • Groom does it too
  • Talk to your lawyer
  • Purchase gifts
  • Transportation stuff
6 Weeks
  • Buy a new camera
  • Tell squad about the rehearsal dinner
  • Write thank you notes but don't send just yet
  • Are you doing wedding favors?
4 Weeks
  • Check up with your vendors
  • Follow up on squads on their roles
  • Finalize the ceremony with the officiant
  • Figure out seating arrangements, don't fight
  • Schedule a spa day
3 Weeks
  • Finalize guests
  • Give the headcount to the caterer
  • Follow up again with your vendors
  • Track down Guest List B and move on to Guest List C
1 Week
  • Pack your bags
  • Get your gown
Wedding Day
  • Relax
  • Eat
  • Allow for time to pass
Post Wedding
  • Write your thank-you notes
  • Clean the gown and get it preserved
  • Figure out if you're doing a name change


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