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February 25, 2015 – 8:38 pm | 2,614 views

I’m loving how things like ginger and turmeric powder are showing up in natural groceries. I find this phenomena interesting because I’ve been consuming these items in their natural form for years. In fact, I …

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Forget the Flintstones

September 12, 2016 – 6:13 pm | 553 views
edel beef

It’s been a while since I last posted…to a point where long lost friends keep asking for an update. I can say that since my last post I’ve changed careers twice and now I’m back.
I …

What to Do With Extra Spices

March 21, 2016 – 5:59 pm | 897 views

I’m an advocate for checking on what spices you have in your pantry. Today I arrived at work with a gift of spices on my desk. I love goodies that magically appear or maybe my inner …

Roast Perfect App

January 18, 2016 – 12:17 am | 772 views
Roast Perfect App

When it comes to cooking the best beef roast I’ve tried all the tips and tricks that almost everyone has tried. I’ve done the 500 degrees, turn it off, and place the roast in the …

Beef Cheeks

January 16, 2016 – 11:14 pm | 582 views

Things like beef cheeks seem to always be on my mind when I want to eat something “exotic”. Most of my friends think I’m crazy for eating the head portion of any animal. Again, these …

Oyster vs Maitake

December 21, 2015 – 10:44 pm | 4,373 views
Oyster on the left. Maitake on the right.

While these two mushrooms look a like, they are very different in taste…and texture too. The oyster mushrooms are great mushrooms that have a sweet taste to them while the maitake mushrooms are very earthy and …

Go Poke Bar

December 2, 2015 – 11:00 pm | 1,977 views
Go Poke Bar

I’m still on my quest for really good Poki. This round I tried Poke Bar in LA. It seemed like the same process like WikiPoki where you line up and start off with white rice, …

Wiki Poki

October 30, 2015 – 10:51 pm | 979 views

I think I’m still on my poki kick from my trip to Hawaii. I think I over did it when I was there when I had poki with every meal for a week. Now I …

Octopus Recipe

August 17, 2015 – 9:53 pm | 1,399 views

One of my favorite animals in the world is the octopus. I keep reading stories on the internet about how they are not from earth but aliens of another planet according to their DNA structure, …

Naked Cake

August 14, 2015 – 8:00 pm | 1,439 views

This summer has me busy with weddings and parties. I just wanted to take some time to highlight one of the cakes I made during this hot, dry, summer. Six months ago, I received a …

Green Eggs and Ham

February 26, 2015 – 12:39 am | 1,182 views

This is part 2 of my moringa powder mission. Today I have a simple recipe that is fun for you and kids. For years I’ve been trying to figure out the best way to get …

Moringa Udon

February 25, 2015 – 8:38 pm | 2,614 views

I’m loving how things like ginger and turmeric powder are showing up in natural groceries. I find this phenomena interesting because I’ve been consuming these items in their natural form for years. In fact, I …

Shitake Dashi

February 24, 2015 – 11:45 pm | 1,021 views
shitake mushrooms

Some days, it’s all about that dashi. As requested…some vegetarian dishes. I guess it’s not a full vegetarian dish because I’m just concentrating on broth but it’ll have to do for now. Dashi is a …

My Chashu Recipe

February 22, 2015 – 9:37 pm | 2,742 views
cooking chashu

One of my favorite things to eat when I go on my ramen runs is really good chashu. The places close to me don’t do the chashu as tender as I’d like so I decided, …

Hawaiian Woman Captures Giant Crab

January 2, 2015 – 7:24 pm | 1,167 views

I’m going to start by saying, I don’t think she ate it as what most of my local friends would have done. Instead, I’ll highlight one of the best dishes I ever ate on the …