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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Certificate Template Illustrator

As school is starting to end, it is time to start awarding those who helped make sure we all survived the year. I started...

Roasted Bone Marrow

Last August I moved offices to another location. At my old location, I believed food fell from the sky…in the form of cupcakes. Sweets...

Puerto Rican Tostones – Fried Plantains

One of my favorite Puerto Rican snacks are tostones. Tostones are fried plantains that taste a little like chips. I guess they are in...

Moringa Udon


Octopus Ceviche



I'm suffering for the lack of Photoshop on some of my computers and have decided to take the open source route to edit pictures....



Pork, Salmon, Risotto, Asparagus Schedule

I made the following course this past weekend (100 portions): Salmon with risotto and asparagus Stuffed pork tenderloin with risotto and asparagus Each with a side salad. I...


2014 End of Year Review

As 2014 comes to a close I am looking back and remembered that this blog finally hit over half-a-million hits. After crunching some numbers,...

BART Upstreaming

Until the day that BART decides to send out more trains during the peak hours, I will continue to upstream like a small majority...

WordPress 4.01 & Arthemia Premium

WordPress 4.01 & Arthemia Premium are compatible.I always get scared when updating WordPress so I do a full backup of my files and the...

Is it 8th, eighth, or 8?

I used to follow Grammar Girl but now I have Courtney Anderson (@cney26) who reminds me of proper grammar. The question of 8, eighth,...

My first foul ball!!!

My first foul ball!!! Thanks @RealJoshReddick @Athletics


Thanksgiving Survival Guide – 3 of 4

All about prep. Now that I’ve decided what to make and I’ve bought my ingredients, the next step is to prep.  What I do...