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Jelly Belly Factory – Breakfast Burger

One of the best...well, two things. 1st, the Jelly Belly factory is great. With COVID, it's almost a ghost town but the facility is...

Tech & Tools

Egg Pricker

Here's a useful tool to add that hole into the eggs to help make a better boiled egg. The hole in the egg will allow...

Best Way to Wash MicroFiber

One of the best ways I found to wash microfiber is to use a specialized soap like Chemical Guys Micro Fiber Wash in really...

Trizor Edge Knife Sharpener

Easily one of the best electric knife sharpeners out there. With this, you can choose a 15-degree edge or a 20-degree edge. I put this...


Controlling Expenses In Your Haulage Firm

If you are a leader of your own business, then you know that it's expensive to run a business. When it comes to running...

Budgeting for Beginners

Tackling your finances and getting them under control can feel overwhelming. There are many secrets to making sound financial decisions throughout your life, but one key...

Fresh Content: Are You Advertising Your Office To Burglars?

Offices are a common target for burglars. This is because a) they often contain expensive equipment such as computers worth stealing and b) because...
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