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Almost all counselors considering working with BetterHelp seek to know how much they will be paid before deciding whether to start a partnership or not. This article addresses this...

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Golden Dragon Fruit

Dragon Fruit Golden, also known as Pitahaya, is an indigenous tropical super fruit from Ecuador and Colombia. It has a faint, sweet taste, much...

How to Cook Scrapple

If you don’t live in the Mid-Atlantic states such as Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Virginia, you may not know what scrapple is....

Fox’s Lobster House

The Atlantic ocean, lighthouses, and lobsters make a great setting for long summer nights. This round, we were at Fox's Lobster House located in...

Grilled Duck Breast

Part of this year's summer grilled included duck breast. Please ignore the tomahawk steak in the background. I'll talk more about that in another...

Laser Wolf Philadelphia

I had the opportunity to dine at Laser Wolf in Philadelphia. Before I go into that, it's hot in Philadelphia and I needed some...


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Everything you need to know about your perfect wedding.



UC Elite Announces Volleyball Programs for 2021

Sports organization UC Elite is pleased to announce the launch of their 2021 volleyball programs that already started last June 1st. The programs reinforce the fundamentals of particular volleyball skills...

Egg Pricker

Here's a useful tool to add that hole into the eggs to help make a better boiled egg. The hole in the egg will allow...

Best Way to Wash MicroFiber

One of the best ways I found to wash microfiber is to use a specialized soap like Chemical Guys Micro Fiber Wash in really...

Trizor Edge Knife Sharpener

Easily one of the best electric knife sharpeners out there. With this, you can choose a 15-degree edge or a 20-degree edge. I put this...


Archery Grouping

Another Tomahawk

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Salmon Patties Recipe

Creamy Pumpkin Soup

Easy Octopus Recipe