MiataSpeed Ergo Race Wheel by Sake Bomb Garage

I’ve been contemplating buying an after-market steering wheel. Mainly because I keep seeing BRZs with them and I wanted to use it as a...

Roasted Bone Marrow

Last August I moved offices to another location. At my old location, I believed food fell from the sky…in the form of cupcakes. Sweets...

Octopus Ceviche

I finally settled down after a long day of shooting pictures for my cookbook. I'm not even sure how many dishes I pushed out....

Moringa Udon


Arthemia Premium 1000px

I decided to increase the width of my website to 1000px. This took a while to find all the proper widths in the Arthemia...

Super Mario Bros Wii

Tunnelblick VPN

Mega Millions Lottery

TV Tropes



The Sausage Experiment

I've made my own sausage in the past. But this was done in small batches. A few months ago, my friend and I decided...

Peach Crisp Recipe


Ryan’s BBQ Graphics

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Barnes and Noble Fundraiser – April 24, 2010

Help support my kids' school. Go to Barnes and Noble and ask the cashier to use this code during checkout: 10130417 All proceeds go to...

Trying Something New

I miss the idea of having a microblog and a blog in general. I'll be experimenting a little over the next couple of days....

Arthemia Premium and WordPress 4.4 Clifford

It works. The jump from 4.37 to 4.4 worked out really well. This round I didn't back up anything and just went for it....

Forest Music Plate – Florence Balducci

Other than my Tiffany Passport Cover and custom SOG knife, there is only one other gift I've received from my honor attendant duties that...


Thanksgiving Survival Guide – 1 of 4

What’s for Thanksgiving dinner? Thanksgiving is fast approaching and I feel like I’m running out of time to plan and prepare a meal.  I decided...