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Cable Laying has Commenced in Guam!

Laying cable across the ocean floor totally geeks me out.  That’s why I decided to follow this trek of cable in Guam.  What will this mean for Guam? Faster connections!

The PPC-1 project has reached a major milestone with the landing of the cable in Guam. Operations commenced yesterday at dawn with the Tyco Telecom cable ship “Decisive” mobilised in the ocean off Guam. A smaller vessel pulled the cable, suspended by a string of buoys above the ocean floor. The cable was then attached to a draw wire that pulled it through the undersea conduit and onto the beach manhole at 11:41am local time. The cable has since been secured and tested to be working properly.

The Decisive, with its load of 2428.651 km of submarine cable, has now commenced the cable lay from Guam to just north of Madang in Papua New Guinea.

Our CEO, Bevan Slattery, was in Guam to oversee the landing and connection of the cable, and would like to thank the landing team, including Tyco Telecom and Calpac.

What else can come out of this?  Maybe the dreams of making Guam a central technology hub for the pacific will come true.  Maybe even building that convention center will come true.  Whatever the case, this opens up more lines of technology for the island to use.

Resources: http://www.pipeinternational.com/

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  1. What? You mean Guam isn’t on 33.6k dialup modems anymore? Is Kuentos out of business now? LoL!


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