Goat Milk Ice Cream

I’ve been on a goat milk ice cream kick for about 2 years now.  I was first introduced to goat milk ice cream on a trip to Napa valley where I had a small carton of LaLoo’s Goat’s Milk Ice Cream.  I was very skiddish at first but I figured since I eat goat meat I should be able to handle this.

Oh, the flavor–vanilla.  I tried the first spoonful.  It was delicious and didn’t have the heaviness in regular ice cream.  There’s a gamey taste to goat and you get the same taste in the ice cream.  It’s not over powering but just enough to let you know that this isn’t cow’s milk.  The overall texture is smooth but that could be from how it was made.  I kept eating away at it.  Now, I’m a tad bit lactose intolerant and the goat milk ice cream didn’t churn my stomach at all.  I was surprised.

So why am I writing about this now?

I tried a new flavor!  Deep Chocolate: Rich Dark Chocloate Ganache Volcanic Black Cocoa with Raw Bittersweet Coco

Deep Chocolate Deep Chocolate Lid

The flavor is amazing.  Or I’m sold on the description of it.  When I first bit into this ice cream I didn’t get the goat milk taste.  It took a while, maybe on the 3rd spoonful or so.

The taste is like the first time you had a Dove chocolate with the many complex chocolate flavors that covered your tongue.  Same goes with this ice cream.  There are so many flavors that each bite takes a while to hit your brain.  It’s too late when you finally realize you are in chocolate heaven because you’ll be on your second spoonful.

Check them out: http://www.laloos.com/

Send me a message on the flavors you’ve tried.  Have any recipes?

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