Topic Organizer


There are many times I can’t seem to figure out priority and risk when trying to figure out my certain topics.


  1. Replace the Topic name with your topic
  2. Start writing a description about it (write as much as you can)
  3. Don’t forget to write your things to do (I usually write things like, Call John or email Sue)
  4. Try to figure out priority by using benefit and effort.  Usually, the ideal situation to do something first is something with High Benefit and Low Effort
  5. Now figure out the risk.  I didn’t mark it but for Impact the left side is low and the right side is high while on likelihood the bottom is low and the top is high.  On this, the thing of most high risk is something you might want to work on first.
  6. The ranking section is used if you have a couple of topics that you want to compare.  This is another way to figure out what to work on first.


Topic organizer


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