Edible Boutonniere Recipe


Here’s a boutonniere I made (yes, hand crafted).  Look closely and you’ll see that it’s made of a pineapple leaf, rosemary sprig, habanero, and some baby breath.  100% edible, well, maybe not the baby breath. The idea here is to capture a theme.  There’s only so much a guy can do to dress up an outfit and the boutonniere is definitely one of the highlights.

I’ve seen some crazy non-floral boutonnieres out there.  The way I see it, if a guy has to wear one, why not match his personality?  How about making a boutonniere out of nuts and bolts or computer parts?  My next boutonniere might have one of those hidden cameras with a little decoration from other techie gadgets.

Recipes?  I’d add a quarter of this pepper to any chili recipe to add heat.  Yes, only a quarter.  I tried using the whole and even half of the pepper and it burns.  Or add a little to your favorite salsa recipe.


Notes: Use caution if you do decide to use a habanero because they are the hottest peppers out there.  You should also warn the wearers.  I found this video.  It was the only decent video I could find because the rest were mostly about people who were dared to eat it.  Mind you I’ve paid to watch people eat a habanero.  I’m not sure if it’s worth the $20.



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