25 Minute Ryan Higa Movie: Ninja Melk


Ryan Higa, one of my new favorite people on YouTube, released a new movie, “Ninja Melk.”  It’s a 25 minute video about a ninja, Lapchung, who needs to defeat his arch enemy, Bokchoy.  Lapchung later finds Ryan and Sean to help him on his adventure to defeat the evil Bokchoy.

The movie is great because of the many sound effects, music, plot and sub plots.  It’s in true Ryan Higa nature that he inserts his bits of comedy into the film.  The action scenes are awesome.  You can tell this movie was made by someone who watched a lot of ninja movies growing up.  I can tell that Ryan and friends put in many hours of shooting and editing into this movie.

ninjamelkWithout ruining the plot, I suggest you watch it yourself.  I love the sub plots!  Melk!


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