Citizen Cake Cupcake


Citizen Cake Cupcake

Chocolate Cake

Food falls from the sky!  Well, not really.  One of my coworkers brought me a cup cake.  I guess this is the start of the holiday season.  Oh, I missed Thanksgiving.  Anyways, I had a cupcake from Citizen Cake.  It was a very simple chocolate cupcake.  The icing wasn’t too sweet and the cake part was a little on the dry side of things.  Okay, maybe there wasn’t a sense of quality control by the time I got to it and I’m not really complaining.

Why does this matter?  My work is having the annual dessert contest soon next week and I have to enter and defend my title…Best Presentation (see Award Winning Chocolate Cake Recipe).  Actually, my plan this year is to go for Best Taste. There are going to be a couple of road blocks in the next contest.  I have another coworker who has won this contest 3 times in the past 5 years.  He’s going to be tough competition.  Plus, I love what he makes.  I think I’m going to have to send in some spies to see what’s going on.

I was thinking about going over the top this year.  I wonder if the committee is making rules.



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