New Airline Servicing Guam, Australia, Philippines, and Japan

pacific flierPacificFlier a new Palau based airline will begin flights on the 7th of January. PacificFlier offers services from The Republic of Palau to Manila (Clark Field) The Philippines, Guam, Tokyo (Narita) Japan and Brisbane Australia.*

A long time in the planning and making, PacificFlier has been able to inaugurate a schedule of services with the full backing of the government of the Republic of Palau.

PacificFlier is opening up the very popular tourism destination of Micronesia, namely Palau and Guam by offering direct flights with greater and faster direct access particularly from Australia and Japan.

A team comprising of aircraft and airline operations professionals, freight and passenger marketing experts, government and regulatory advisors in Japan, Philippines, Palau, Guam and Australia have worked on this project to make it possible to experience PacificFlier throughout the extended route network.

Micronesia itself means ’small islands’ and this is a perfect way to describe the hundreds of tropical islands scattered across the heart of the Pacific Ocean between Hawaii and the Philippines. Spread over a great distance, each has its own culture and personality. All, however, have one thing in common – they have been blessed with some of nature’s most captivating gifts.

Crystal clear waters beyond your imagination, the most immaculate beaches in the world, stunningly colourful coral reefs, lush rainforests, countless varieties of sea life and proud, welcoming and culturally diverse local inhabitants – that is Micronesia.

In Palau and Guam, PacificFlier have destinations for travellers looking for something new, but close and simply irresistible, just as holidays in paradise are intended.

The flying time is just six hours and is in the same time zone as Australia’s east coast. Passenger fares, freight rates and holiday packages have been very competitively priced with special introductory offers to both Palau and Guam available for all bookings made until 7th of January. So, now a holiday in an untouched paradise is a whole lot easier thanks to PacificFlier.


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