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Excel Task List

I’m in the process of making a new binder/planner system for me. It was missing a task list to help me manage tasks.

For a little history, I have been shopping around for the ultimate planner. I realized that I’m too picky and could not conform to another person’s standards. The other part was that I couldn’t justify getting a planner that contained a blank calendar and pages for contact information.

It’s almost set. I’ll release it to you once it’s all done. For now, you can have the task list. Here’s my logic behind my system. The first column is the status–in progress, delegated, canceled, etc… Pick your symbols and roll with it. The second column with the triangle is my priority system…triangle, delta, change. Or something like that because you have to constantly prioritize and juggle things around. In this box, you can put numbers or letters.

The rest is self explanatory. Oh, I forgot about the main box at the top labeled Category. I use category for things like home, work, school, shopping, or other.

Enjoy! Comment on what you like or don’t like. I’m constantly changing these to fit my needs. I’m interested to see what you’re lists look like.

Task List – Made with Excel 2010

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