Make an Ethernet Cable


About 9 years ago, my 3rd IT job surprised me by telling me to make my own ethernet cables. Normally, I pick up a catalog and order but I guess making cables adds to my skill set.

Where to begin? Ask someone who’s done it before. I was given a hands on lesson. Then it was time to make one. I guess I’m a good fast learner because it worked.

Today, I don’t remember what wire goes where so here’s my documentation/guide on making your own.

Step 1. Cut off 1” of the outside wire to expose the smaller wires inside.

Step 2. Straighten the wires in the middle.

Step 3. Arrange the wires and work them back and forth until they stay in order on their own.

Step 4. Trim the wire.

Step 5. Insert into connector.

Step 6. Crimp.

Step 7. Test

Here’s how to arrange the wires:



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