Line 6 M5


I found out that I was lacking a certain kind of sound on my guitar pedal board. I have a tuner, chorus, distortion, flanger, overdrive, and reverb pedal. I was looking into getting a digital delay and tremolo pedal next. Instead, I decided on getting the Line 6 M5 pedal. The two main reasons why I wanted to get this pedal was; my wife has the M13 and this pedal has over 100 built in effects.

Here are some specs:

  • Over 100 stompbox effects
  • Simple one-effect-at-a-time design
  • Dedicated knobs control each effect parameter
  • Tap Tempo syncs for time-based effects
  • Built-in chromatic tuner
  • Heavy-duty all-metal chassis and footswitches
  • Included DC power adapter
  • Dimensions: 6″W X 2.4″H x 6.5″D – 2.5 lbs.


  • 5-pin MIDI in/out
  • 1/4-inch mono or stereo inputs and outputs
  • 1/4-inch expression pedal jack
  • True Analog Bypass or DSP Bypass

Overall, this is a great pedal. The pros are that it has a lot of effects for a really great price. The only thing I don’t like about it is the size. I think it could be a little smaller.

Line 6



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