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djay by Algoriddim

I was stuck in a bind the other day…needed to create a DJ solution. I was helping out friends with their wedding. They gave me a USB stick with all the songs they like (by the way, this is great if you can do this for your DJ).

I didn’t want to buy a full DJ package to handle this. The next solution I found was djay by Algoriddim. I remembered this product from MacWorld last year. I was instantly transformed into a DJ…at least to the attendees and more importantly the bride and groom.

While you can do the cool things like swipe to scratch, djay has a feature where you can view the waveforms to help you cue the music. My favorite feature is automix. Automix will take all the songs from an iTunes playlist and mix them with different transitions between like echo, fade, backspin, and more.

Thanks Algoriddim for saving me!

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  1. I downloaded the Djay app on my iPad for 20 bucks, and all I can say is that I love it! It simplifies the turntable into something even beginners can enjoy – and feel like they’re professionals! I love it!


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