Guitar Mod Makes You Feel Like a Rock Star – Loxx

You’ve been rocking out on your guitar for several months now and you’ve mastered Burn It Down by Linkin Park (or some other rocking song) but something doesn’t feel right. So you pick up some new strings and picks and something still doesn’t feel right. Here’s a little mod for your guitar to elevate you to another level and keep your guitar from falling when you’re rocking out.

Get some Loxx.

Loxx is a guitar strap lock system that is easy to install while it upgrades the look and feel of your instrument. There are a couple of guitar strap lock systems out there but I’ve found that the Loxx system is the most elegant and sleek looking one out there. Part of it could be that Loxx were originally designed to fasten convertible car tops.

Installation is a breeze. After you remove your old strap buttons, all you have to do is screw in the Loxx base to the instrument and then attach the top portion to your strap. Tada! You’re done. Assembly is the easiest when compared to the other strap locks out there. Oh, and all you need to assemble comes in the package.

So now when you’re rocking out with your new Loxx you’ll feel like a rockstar! Also, your guitar won’t slip out.


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