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Lego Cake

Here’s my first cake of the year that was for a baby shower. This cake weighed in around 19 pounds. Oh, on size, each “lego brick” was a 10 inch square with two layers. The flavor was simple, white cake with a strawberry cream cheese filling. Adding to the weight was about 7 pounds of fondant colored to match Legos as possible.

I saw a cake like this out there but the size of the cakes were about 4″ squares. Instead of spending all my time carving

I went with my 10″ pans and stuck with it. It was one of those go big or go home moments (yes, I was already at home).

I had some scraps from a test run so I decided to make a baby brother cake. Decorated around the cake were edible “lego bricks” by FAO Schwarz.

Other notes: The cake was too heavy for a regular cardboard bottom so I ended up using some plywood to transport the cake.

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