Straight Quotes – Office 2016


Looks like I need to update my instructions on straight quotes in Microsoft Word 2016. But before I do, here’s why:

I like to edit these posts in Word and then copy and paste the content into the web. I found out after doing a few posts that the quotation marks shows up as &#34 all throughout the page. I found out later that WordPress did not understand the Smart Quotes and would prefer straight quotes. Also, after doing some work in grant writing, I’ve found that using straight quotes works better for many submissions.

Here’s how to switch. Open Word 2016.

  1. Click on File, then Options.
  2. Go to the Proofing tab
  3. Once in the Proofing tab, click on the button labeled AutoCorrect Options
  4. This brings you to a new window. Make sure Straight Quotes with Smart Quotes is unchecked.

Hope this helps you!


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