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My world collided when I visited iPot located at 1420 Irving in San Francisco. The two worlds of hot pot and Korean BBQ met in one. There have been times while at hot pot, I wished to do Korean BBQ and while at Korean BBQ, I craved the soup from hot pot. I finally found the device to do both.

Combo Hotpot/BBQ

iPot has been the only location where I’ve seen this combo hotpot/bbq. For me, it makes total sense because there were many times where I needed that seared flavor and at the same time, that delicate touch of soup. Well, maybe not delicate since I like my soup spicy.

But more on iPot, this place was great. The service was wonderful. It wasn’t like the other all-you-can eat places where they limit visiting your table to try to avoid getting you more meat. The quality of the meat was fantastic. What I really enjoyed was how thin the cuts were. It made cooking really easy.

I had to add this pot/grill thing to my Amazon wishlist. During this visit we had a seating of 4 and had individual pots for each of us. I chose Pork Bone broth. Oh, almost forgot the cool part of this place. There was a sauce bar. Here I was able to choose from green onions, cilantro, garlic, mashed garlic, sesame sauce, soy sauce, and a whole bunch of other things. This ability to create your own sauce opens up a whole new world. There’s a dessert bar too with fruits and other sweet things but I never made it to that point. What put me over the top was the free ice cream that they offered after your meal. Too much.

If you do decide to visit this place, make sure you go early, like before they open early. The room quickly opens up. Oh, bring me along when you go.

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