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HI City offers Hawaiian and Filipino food takeout and delivery services. This is very good news for those who have savory Hawaiian and Filipino food cravings, given that the world is in the middle of a pandemic. For clients to save time and reduce the risk of them acquiring COVID-19, HI City’s food takeout and delivery services can be of service to them.

Some of the bestselling foods in HI City are Hawaiian Poke and Spam Musubi. Hawaiian Poke is a dish made of diced raw fish that can be eaten as an appetizer and also as a main course. They take pride in this dish because it is a native Hawaiian cuisine. Spam Musubi is a known snack as well as lunch in Hawaii. Who wouldn’t love the rich flavors of Spam partnering up with the fulfilling taste of rice? Musubi is wrapped with the traditional Japanese wrapper called nori.

Aside from their two bestsellers, HI City also offers Furikake Baked Salmon, Kalua Pork, and Loco Moco. These dishes will surely wake the child within their clients. It will be like every dish was made with the intent to bring life to their clients and satisfy their cravings. They also have the option of building their own poke bowl. You can customize depending on how you want their poke bowl to be served.

Meals start at $12 per person. HI City also offers catering foods. Whether big or small, they are willing to give their finest service to their clients’ celebration. They could cater to meetings, graduations, birthdays, and other special occasions. With Hi City, it will be like diving into the refreshing islands as they serve food with real freshness and made with aloha. Their goal is to reach their customers and make them feel the love they dedicate to every dish they make. Moreover, they also envision yummy and healthy meals, that is why all their sauces are especially homemade. Every serving of their bowl is their way of inspiring their customers to love both the lives they are living and the people they have in their lives, and, most importantly, love themselves.

The people behind HI City’s foods are trusted chefs who have expertise in traditional Hawaiian Cuisine. Djon Marcos and Julio Perez both share a passion for preparing Hawaiian cuisines, and it shows in the food that HI City is delivering.

About HI City

HI City offers Hawaiian and Filipino food cuisine. They are based in San Francisco, California, and they are very proud that they are using fresh ingredients in their meals. Not only have they integrated the finest ingredients, but they also take pride in their passion for serving good food to their clients. They guarantee that with every food they prepare, it is always made with Aloha.

To learn more about HI City, you may visit their website https://hicityfoods.com/ or check out on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/hicitysf/. Just leave a message if you have any queries, and they will contact you the soonest or email them at i[email protected]

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