Hocho Knife Review


I have been looking for the Masamoto KS Honkasumi Gyokuhaku-ko Japanese Chef’s Gyuto Knife for about 2 years. I went to Tokyo but ran out of time to head to the headquarters. I was able to get another knife which I will write about soon.

In February, I noticed one of my Facebook or Instagram ads about a company called Hocho Knife with Masamoto knives. I quickly went to the website. Sure enough, the knife was in stock and I bought it right away. I received it a few days later.

I was so impressed with the service that I decided to complete my collection. I’ve been needing a Deba and a Petty knife. Mainly, I deal with a lot of fish and I’m finding that my chef knife is too big to make fine cuts. I was also in need of a petty because I find myself picking up my pairing knife to do more jobs but then switching to my chef knife to finish up the work. The petty should solve that problem. I know a few other chefs that use their utility/petty knife to do most of the work.

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Unfortunately, we were in the middle of COVID19 and people are afraid of online deliveries. I checked Hocho Knife’s website. Turns out they have been thinking about our safety too. First, they are not seeing any delays in their deliveries. More importantly, they have a great procedure for making sure the items are packed with precautionary measures to keep their employees safe and show that they care about you.

First, their employees have daily health checks. The employees sanitize their hands and gargle before starting their shift. Then they sanitize their work stations before packing the knives. And of course, they are wearing a mask, hair net, and a white coat to protect you.

This helps ensure me, as a buyer, to know that they care about me.

My knives came in. Don’t worry, I’ll cover them in another post. The package arrived and I saw the big sticker: Disinfected Inside. This brought a smile to my face. This meant that I could wipe down the outside and check out my new knives right away.

I am quite amazed at the detail and care it took to send me my knives. Check them out if you’re in need of a really good knife, worried about COVID, and want it sooner than Amazon.

Visit Hocho Knife to get your next knife!


While I love the Masamoto brand, I know that most of my sushi chefs use Sakai Takayuki. Also, when ordering, plan to spend over $250 to get the free shipping. Yes, it will be worth it.


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