How Robocalls are Able to Spoof a Number

If you’re like me, then you’re tired of all the robocalls coming in from China and other places. The sheer volume of these calls means that many people in today’s society ignore any unknown number entirely. While in many cases this helps miss the repetitive messages, this means people also miss important calls from doctor’s offices, friends, and loved ones. Most people use their phones for more things other than calling these days, but in making people afraid to answer their phones, robocalls are stealing the functionality altogether.

Unfortunately, they’re getting smarter. Thanks to the same technologies that have enabled deepfake videos, a wave of fake audio spam calls may be on the horizon. This means that with just a few seconds of a manager, CEO, or financial officer’s voice, scammers from across the world can recreate the voice of people in your company. Then, using autodialing and robocalls, they can direct employees to transfer funds.

For more on how robocall scams work, and emerging technologies to look out for, check out this visual by Mint.

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