Tomahawk Steak

Butchers are now selling tomahawk steaks. These are ribeye steaks that have a longer extension of the rib bone to give it a similar shape of a real tomahawk. There are many ways of cooking this piece of meat. Today is one method where we quickly sear the outside to seal in the juices.


Season the meat the way you like to eat.

Start your coals in the coal chimney.

Once the coals are red, do not dump them into the BBQ.

Put the grates on top of the chimney and sear your tomahawk steak on both sides. You can even sear the sides.

After a good sear, place the coals in the grill to one side.

Put the grate back.

Cook the steak on indirect heat (not on top of the coals) until the internal temperature hits 135 degrees F.

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