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Fox’s Lobster House

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The Atlantic ocean, lighthouses, and lobsters make a great setting for long summer nights. This round, we were at Fox’s Lobster House located in York Beach, Maine.

From their website: Every summer since 1966, Fox’s Lobster House has been serving tons of fresh Maine lobster, seafood, homemade Maine blueberry pie, and ice cream to the thousands of tourists who come to visit the famous Nubble Lighthouse in York, Maine each day. At Fox’s Lobster House, lobsters are boiled the “old fashioned way” in our lobster pound, which dates back to 1936. As we say “One Nibble on the Nubble and You’re Hooked!”

This round we had:

Lazy Lobster Saute – Sweet Ocean fresh Lobster tail and claw meat gently sauteed in butter.

Fox’s Ultimate Lobster Mac & Cheese – Fresh succulent lobster meat and curly macaroni tossed with creamy Parmesan cheese sauce encrusted with delicious crazy crumbs.

Fox’s Favorite Lobster Roll – Lobster tail and claw meat gently tossed with mayonnaise, served in a toasted New England style sandwich roll.

Make sure to have:

Marie’s Wild Maine Blueberry Lemonade – Organic blueberry juice with lemonade and a dash of Sierra Mist.

Check them out:

Fox’s Lobster House
8 Sohier Park Rd, York, ME 03909

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