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Star Wars Salt and Pepper Shakers

I almost forgot that today was May 4. These salt and pepper shakers were gifted to me. I love how they are Darth Vader...

Spider Crab

Spider Crab Date taken: 10/06/2016 Location: Monterey Bay Aquarium

Another Cricut Project Complete

There was a time when I spent many hours in front of a die cut machine with those heavy levers. There was so much...

More Street Art

I was on my daily walk around the Mission and stumbled into a street full of art. It's October so I guess I'm looking...

Artist Exclusive – Diane Ngo

While sipping coffee one day, I noticed a piece of artwork that caught my eye. It was a watercolor piece item of the Golden...

Prom Boutonniere Tulip and Lavender

Prom boutonniere tulip and lavender. Not much more than that.

Big Hero 6

Cuffing Season

  Cuffing season is coming. It's almost Halloween.

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