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More Street Art

I was on my daily walk around the Mission and stumbled into a street full of art. It's October so I guess I'm looking...

Artist Exclusive – Diane Ngo

While sipping coffee one day, I noticed a piece of artwork that caught my eye. It was a watercolor piece item of the Golden...

Prom Boutonniere Tulip and Lavender

Prom boutonniere tulip and lavender. Not much more than that.

Big Hero 6

Cuffing Season

  Cuffing season is coming. It's almost Halloween.

Cardboard Game of Thrones

  The other day I had to unpack over 80 boxes of computers and found myself in need of a place to rest. There wasn't...

IT Pirate Flag

  I'm trying to figure out which one of these might be best to represent an IT team that works on Macs and PCs and...


I'm thinking of microblogging from here but not sure how it will work. Here's my pumpkin for 2013. Thoughts? Maybe I'll stick with Twitter but just...

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3 Unconventional Choices You Can Make For Your Wedding

Are you starting to think about planning your wedding? If so, then you have a lot of choices ahead of you. You might already be...

Bulgogi Egg Breakfast

I wish I made fried rice but this will do for a hearty breakfast.

NC Flyin Miata Naturally Aspirated Exhaust Install

Just finished helping a friend install the NC Flyin Miata Naturally Aspirated Exhaust. This is the 2nd exhaust install I've done and this one...

LED Selfie Ring Light for Zoom Meetings

I purchased 2 LED ring lights but this review will only cover the 12" ring. COVID has kept us at home longer than expected...


Ohlins are my favorite suspension. I run them on my Miata ND and it stays flat like a Porsche. I guess I also have...