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Saturday, September 26, 2020
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S2000 Glove Box Organizer

Just highlighting this glove box organizer for the S2000 made by Modify Products. They seem to have other items for sale that fit this...

Batsu MX-5

Another warm day in the bay. Too hot to drive with the top down.

ESCA AUTOX Sears Pointless

Here's some footage from my autocross with ESCA at Sonoma Raceway. My times were around 55 seconds. To compare, some Porches were around 55...

Voodoo vs Raceseng

Does the weight of shift knobs matter? I'm at about 18,000 miles on my MX-5. I swapped out of the OEM knob around 2,000 miles...

Save Your Tires from Wear and Tear

To best save your automobile's tires from wear and tear you want to make sure you align them properly. Due to bumps, holes, and...

iJDMTOY Smoked Lens LED Front and Rear Marker Light Kit

More on the iJDMTOY Smoked Lens LED stuff...if you're doing your side marker lights (the ones that blink for your turn signal), you might...

Jass Performance MX5 NC Seat Lowering Adapters Installation

Installing the Jass Performance MX5 NC Seat Lowering Adapters is not as easy as the instructions make it look. What I thought would be...

iJDMTOY Smoked Lens Amber Full LED Front Side Marker Lights

Another quick change. iJDMToy released a new front side marker for the Mazda MX-5 ND. This new version comes either a smoked color or...

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Decon Pro Iron Remover

Detailing your car? If it hasn't been detailed in a while you might want to consider removing the iron that's embedded into your car....

Kufta Kebab Recipe

Here's simple dish for those who have ground lamb. Kufta is a dish found in many Israeli menus. Normal kebobs use small cuts of...

Diaper Cake

Just a diaper cake.

Steak, Eggs, Hash

Need a heavy quick breakfast? Here's some steak, eggs, and hash all on the same griddle. Ingredients 4 Yukon gold potatoes - shredded 3 Eggs 1 pound Ribeye Method Shred...

Ohlins MX-5 Adjusting

Spent a few hours adjusting some Ohlins. For some reason, the locking ring was loose so everything shifted down. To help make sure I don't...