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Importance Of Business Vehicle Maintenance Control

A practical vehicle fleet management is defined by correct control, both logistical and financial, in search of the reduction of expenses and incidents. Expenses...

S2000 Side Marker Lights

Lights on a 19-year-old car might not function well. In fact, the plastic connectors have worn away. Here's a nice solution for those lights.

Custom WeatherShield HP Car Cover

Testing out a new car cover. Here's the WeatherShield HP. It was customized for a Mazda MX-5. I forgot to mention that I have...

Iron Particles on Your Wheels

Just another sample of why you should use an iron remover when cleaning your wheels. While you can use it on your paint when...

Financing A Car The Usual And Unusual Ways

You’ve seen a new car you’d like to drive but you just don’t have the raw cash to buy it from the showroom. Fine,...

One Year Ago Today

Just realized that a year ago today I was preparing for Miata Reunion. Here is my car next to one of the Flyin' Miata...

Found a Cool Spot to Take a Picture

Wandered into the city today and found a cool spot to take a picture.

S2000 AP1 AP2

Just hanging out.

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