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Smoked Lens Amber Full LED Front Side Marker Light

It's difficult to stylize dark-colored vehicles and most owners will want to completely black everything out. This means when you tint your windows, headlights,...

NC Flyin Miata Naturally Aspirated Exhaust Install

Just finished helping a friend install the NC Flyin Miata Naturally Aspirated Exhaust. This is the 2nd exhaust install I've done and this one...


Ohlins are my favorite suspension. I run them on my Miata ND and it stays flat like a Porsche. I guess I also have...

Install Apple Carplay Android Auto on MX-5

I took the jump and decided to upgrade my USB hub and firmware for my MX-5. This process was pretty stressful. On a level...

Packing List for Thunderhill Track Night

I'm gearing up to head to the track tomorrow. Here's my list so far. I'm sure I'll try to fit as much as possible...

Corkscrew at Laguna Seca

Here's my run at Laguna Seca highlighting the corkscrew driving Batsu. The following is from Weather Tech Raceway: The Corkscrew WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca is an 11-turn,...

COVID19 Work From Home…Work From Van

COVID19 Thanks to shelter in place and COVID19 many people have had to work from home. With everyone working from home, multiple conference calls going...

Key Branding Lessons from 6 Top Car Companies

Car brands are among the most recognizable types of brands in the world — and for good reason. Most of us spend about an...

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Ohlins MX-5 Adjusting

Spent a few hours adjusting some Ohlins. For some reason, the locking ring was loose so everything shifted down. To help make sure I don't...

Add Power to Your Couch

While shopping for couches I discovered a whole new world of power...electrical power where you can charge your phone and other devices. This feature...

Bill & Ted Face the Music

I only understood this movie because of Rick and Morty.

Work From Home, School From Home Nightmares

Not sure how you are coping with working from home and schooling from home. We have at least 1 Zoom session going on between...

Installing Rear Sway Bars on Miata NC

Just installing the rear sway bars on a Mazda MX-5 NC (Miata). From the pictures, you can see the difference between the stock and...