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Mishimoto Mazda Miata Baffled Oil Catch Can Install on 2018 MX-5

For Father's Day I didn't get a fancy lunch. Instead, I got my Baffled Oil Catch Can to install on my MX-5. Install The above video...

MiataSpeed Ergo Race Wheel by Sake Bomb Garage

I’ve been contemplating buying an after-market steering wheel. Mainly because I keep seeing BRZs with them and I wanted to use it as a...

Leap of Faith

Finding the right people to do the job is always a difficult task. I’ve found that we should not always follow Yelp ratings. I’ve...

Reupholster VW Bug Seat

A friend of mine asked me to reupholster his VW Beetle. I'm not sure what year it was. Somewhere around 1967? I think. I...

What Do the Numbers on My Tire Mean?

For some reason have become the go-to person for my wife’s friends’ strange questions. Actually, most of the blog articles on this site are...

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