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How to Set Your Thermometer Properly

Here's a quick tip on inserting the meat thermometer into your roast. While the meat is cold, place the thermometer on the side of the...

Instapot Vortex Prime Rib

Does it fit? Short answer, yes. The bad news...it can only be about 4 pounds. Here's how it's done. Get your prime rib. It should be...

Easy Cornish Hens

My first cornish hen took me a few hours to prep. Today, I've cut this down by a lot. Ingredients Cornish Hens Season Salt Old Bay Seasoning Method Add about...

Instant Pot – Clams Recipe

Really quick... Bag of clams Onions Ginger 1 teaspoon vinegar Maybe some old bay seasoning if you want Instant Pot High Pressure 12 minutes

Instant Vortex – Leg of Lamb

I didn't think it could do it but it did. Boneless leg of lamb...about 4.66 pounds. Set to 45 minutes at 370. Came out...

Puerto Rican Beans – Quick Recipe

I decided to make some Puerto Rican Beans because...I was hungry. Here's a quick recipe to feed a big group. Ingredients 1 tablespoon olive oil 1 large...


There was a reason for me buying pomegranates this week...maybe it was a Hanukkah thing. As much as I love the juice, I don't...

More Pizza

Another homemade pizza...it's more of a pizza monster since everyone got a chance to add an ingredient: mozzarella, artichoke hearts, sausage, salami, copa, and...

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