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Pan Seared Scallops in Ponzu Sauce

Pan sear your scallops. Make sure they are dry on the outside. Lightly salt them. Sear on each side for 3 minutes. Top with your...

Another Naked Cake

This one is more spring/summer with tulips and seasonal berries.

Nectarine Sugar Crisp

Here is a simple recipe that works for most stone fruit. Cut them in half. Sprinkle sugar on them. Broil on high for about 7 minutes. Top with...

Watermelon Sake Cocktail

Shopping for specific ingredients for cocktails can be challenging. Summer is a great time and unfortunately, we are in severe heat conditions mixed in...

Is Death Wish Coffee Really the Strongest?

I've been drinking Death Wish on and off for a couple of years. The claim of it being the world's strongest coffee is bold...

Tako Poke

Here's a simple recipe for yummy octopus poke. Ingredients Sushi grade octopus (cooked) Half a cucumber sliced 1/4 cup diced tomatoes 1/4 cup green onion 1 teaspoon Togarashi (chili pepper) 2...

Crab Cake Recipe

Just a quick easy crab cake recipe...as long as if you have crab out of the shell. Ingredients 1/3 c. mayonnaise 1 large egg 2 tablespoons mustard 1 teaspoon...

Bulgogi Egg Breakfast

I wish I made fried rice but this will do for a hearty breakfast.

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Lion Cake

Documenting a lion cake. Nothing too fancy, just a lion cake.

S2000 Glove Box Organizer

Just highlighting this glove box organizer for the S2000 made by Modify Products. They seem to have other items for sale that fit this...

Today’s Winner

Just finished a lobster feast at New England Lobster in Burlingame, California. Many of you read about the 15-pound lobster. It was not a...

How to Check Your Air Quality in the San Francisco Bay Area

The Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD) has hourly air quality reports. Check your specific area for air quality before going out. Soot,...

Truffle Shiso Poke

Just experimenting...but I love it when an experiment turns into something great. This poke had a bright citrus woody flavor. Ingredients 1 pound of tuna 1/4 onion 2...