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Pork Adobo

Adobo is a foundation when it comes to Filipino cooking. There are many ways to prepare it. Each island in the Philippines has a...

How to Smoke Chicken Thighs

I'm practicing more on my competition-style chicken. While I would love to use a muffin tin to make my thighs look uniform, I believe...

Boneless Prime Rib Temp

People ask me about how long to cook prime rib for in the oven...do I go low and slow...high, then low. There are too...

Tomahawk Steak

Butchers are now selling tomahawk steaks. These are ribeye steaks that have a longer extension of the rib bone to give it a similar...

Another Attempt at Zucchini Fritters

This time I followed the recipe. Turned out great! The cheese adds a nice savory taste. https://edelalon.com/blog/2020/07/zucchini-fritter

Last Hour of Ribs

For those of you who wrap your ribs...here are the last few steps to finish up the cooking process. At this point, you have smoked...

Slow Cooked BBQ Chicken

Another slow-cooked spatchcock chicken. This time I just used a generous amount of Blue Hog Sweet and Savory rub. Cooked it for 1 hour...

Egg Souffle

Just making an egg souffle. Pretty simple recipe. Separate eggs into whites and yellow. Whip whites until foamy and thick. Add the yellows back....

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Decon Pro Iron Remover

Detailing your car? If it hasn't been detailed in a while you might want to consider removing the iron that's embedded into your car....

Kufta Kebab Recipe

Here's simple dish for those who have ground lamb. Kufta is a dish found in many Israeli menus. Normal kebobs use small cuts of...

Diaper Cake

Just a diaper cake.

Steak, Eggs, Hash

Need a heavy quick breakfast? Here's some steak, eggs, and hash all on the same griddle. Ingredients 4 Yukon gold potatoes - shredded 3 Eggs 1 pound Ribeye Method Shred...

Ohlins MX-5 Adjusting

Spent a few hours adjusting some Ohlins. For some reason, the locking ring was loose so everything shifted down. To help make sure I don't...