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Blue Water Windows 7 Wallpaper

Does anyone know where this picture was taken? It looks familiar to me but I just want to double check. Or maybe I just...

Talk Like a Pirate Day

Ahoy! You've been warned. "...the man who did the waking buys the man who did the sleeping a drink, while the man who did the...

Dad Life

This was just way to funny not to post.

Barnes and Noble Fundraiser – April 24, 2010

Help support my kids' school. Go to Barnes and Noble and ask the cashier to use this code during checkout: 10130417 All proceeds go to...

Dendrelaphis Kopsteini

Just posting this picture as a reminder for me and just because it's a beautiful snake.


Voluntold: When your manager/supervisor/authority first calls for volunteers and when no one responds they select someone from the group. Example: Manager: We need someone to work...

My Christmas List 2009

Here's my Christmas list for 2009.  My wife asked me to create one.  I think this list sums up what I think I want...

My New Year Geeky Resolutions

The new year is coming quickly which prompted people asking me what my New Year Resolutions will be.  I thought about going to...

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