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Supplement Your Income Today With These Tips

Money can get tight from time to time. We all have bills to pay, but we can always get surprised by those unexpected bills...

Planning A Cut Price Christmas

With many people experiencing unemployment and financial distress thanks to lockdown orders and the closure of small businesses, Christmas Day and the general festive...

Some Tips for a Reset When You’re Starting to Feel Overwhelmed

From time to time, everyone inevitably finds themselves in situations where they feel overwhelmed and snowed under by a variety of tasks, duties, obligations,...

Thanksgiving and Christmas Covid 2020

Per CDPH, here are the guidelines for this holiday season. All persons planning to host or participate in a private gathering, as defined above, must...

Candy Distribution Halloween 2020

Burton, the Social Distancing Candy Snake: Saving Trick-or-Treating in COVID Times We created a candy distribution system for Halloween to help aid in social...

3D Mask Bracket Inner Support Frame

Are you having difficulty breathing and talking through your mask? Or do you find yourself with fogged up glasses while wearing a mask? Here's a...

What is double-masking?

Well, it used to be a California-only thing. We all know about the mask/face covering requirement in place in most areas to prevent...

The Small Things to Make Your Day Go 100x Better

There are small things in the world that can help your day go 100 times better. One of them is leaving a note to...

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