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Leadership Development in a Nutshell

Leaders are the most influential people in an organization. They set the expectations, attitudes, and tone for employees whom they manage. Since leaders direct...

Leading by Example

This evening I had a rather unexpected conversation with a lovely woman in a restaurant. She was a retired dentist and commented on how...

How to Handle Change and Stay Positive

  Change can be both a good thing and a bad thing. Some people find change refreshing and welcome it from both hands, while others...

Death by Committee

I'm guilty for sending things to committees to die. Here's how to survive and make it productive. Here's a great article by ECHO. Committees are...

Dunbar’s Number

My kid was bragging about how he has so many followers on Instagram and I let him know about my Twitter followers to which...

I Just Changed Jobs, I’m Not Dead

November 30th was not only Cyber Monday for me this year. It marked a new beginning for me as I left a 20 year stint...

Change and Uncertainty

I've been surrounded by so much change in the past year; to a point where I think I needed to write some things down...

Quitters, Campers, & Climbers

Three individuals were standing at the base of a steep hill.  Having just traveled a great distance, all three were extremely tired, but knew...

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