72.1 F
San Francisco
Friday, July 30, 2021
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Archery Grouping

I'm working on a heavier draw weight. I'm at least grouping nicely. Just need to get accuracy dialed in.

Another Tomahawk

Just another tomahawk steak on the grill. Tip: Take the meat out an hour before cooking to increase the temperature for easier cooking.

My Dad’s Special Day

I've been busy over the past few days celebrating birthdays. Here's one of the best shots.

Impromptu Car Meet

Is the definition of a car meet a time when at least 2 cars meet and line up? Pictures are taken? If so, this...

Merlin the Wizard

Someone called me a wizard the other day. I said, no, here's the real wizard. Merlin is a Microsoft Agent character created by Microsoft Corporation....

Easter Eggs 2021

We got bored and decided to dye eggs and then carve them with a dremel.

Godzilla vs. Kong

I'm bummed. This would have been great on IMAX. Thanks COVID.

Lucky Charms Ice Cream?

Cold Stone Creamery is now serving Lucky Charms flavored ice cream and it tastes just like what you think it would.

Menudo with Egg

Not sure if this is a thing but a fried egg in menudo is great!

Play Date

Time for an adult play date. We took the cars out for a spin and landed at the Jelly Belly factory.

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