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Scrum is ideally a project management methology which works best for rising and emergent companies and works, but is mostly used for software development....

PMP Business Cards

I was looking into setting my PMP business cards. I found the guidelines on the requirements if I wanted to use the PMI logo...

Things I Do Before Major Events

This past weekend has been a whirlwind of events to a point where me red-lining seemed normal …which I definitely do not want. I’ve...

Walmart Steak Challenge

We did another foodie comparison science project. This time we decided to see the difference between a Walmart steak versus a Raley's steak. Thank...

How to Get Lei’d

What did I get out of high school? I’m not sure but after being president of the sewing club I walked down the aisle...

20 Chicken Nugget Challenge

It has been a while since my family did a foodie comparison science project. I think the last time we did this was to...

Bride Sings While Walking Down the Aisle

Found this cool video on the web of a bride walking down the aisle while singing "The Right Man" by Christina Aguilera. I'm working on...

Wedding Show Tips

Happy Spring! Spring marks a new season that resembles new life, growth, renewal, bunnies that lay eggs, and weddings. It is one of my...

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