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This External Hard Drive Reader Will Save Your Life

The reader won't save your life but it will bring back the things you thought you lost. I've been using devices for the past...

The Best Techy Toys For Kids And Big Kids Alike

With shelter in place, many people are stuck at home with nothing to do and might have "bored" children. If you’re looking to get...

LED Selfie Ring Light for Zoom Meetings

I purchased 2 LED ring lights but this review will only cover the 12" ring. COVID has kept us at home longer than expected...

Metrics and Dashboarding Technologies

One of the pillars of Business Intelligence tools, metrics, and dashboarding technologies involves having quick and easy access to the strategic information of your...

How to Fix Nintendo JoyCons

My Switch dropped a few feet and my JoyCon stick decided to break off. As much as I wanted to superglue it back, I...

5G Mobile Technology Explained

COVID has taken a toll on internet service providers. Thankfully there are companies like Xfinity who dropped their 1TB download limits. They are truly...

How Robocalls are Able to Spoof a Number

If you're like me, then you're tired of all the robocalls coming in from China and other places. The sheer volume of these calls...

Cybersecurity and IA

After a few years in which data protection breaches have exploded, cyber security vulnerabilities have come to the fore. However, despite increasing budgets for...

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