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Temper Eggs?

I realized that I started to use some terms in my posts.  I'll make sure to make additional entries when I use some funky...

Excel Calendar

Here’s a complete calendar in Excel using the following formula. =IF(MONTH(DATE(YEAR(A1),MONTH(A1),1))<>MONTH(DATE(YEAR(A1),MONTH(A1),1)- (WEEKDAY(DATE(YEAR(A1),MONTH(A1),1))-1)+{0;1;2;3;4;5}*7+{1,2,3,4,5,6,7}-1),”", DATE(YEAR(A1),MONTH(A1),1)-(WEEKDAY(DATE(YEAR(A1),MONTH(A1),1))-1)+{0;1;2;3;4;5}*7 +{1,2,3,4,5,6,7}-1) This is the first edition. Each month is on a separate worksheet.  After revisiting this,...

Capo Madness

I was busy trying to transpose some chords and I thought I'd make a handy sheet for guitarists out there.  There are other sheets...

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