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Case Astronaut M-1 Knife

The handle is a smooth White Synthetic and is built for everyday use and maintains a consistent color throughout. The blade is 11.75 inches,...

Wicked Edge – Knife Sharpener

Every knife owner has a preference for the angle of their blades. My angles are higher for my bushcraft/outdoor/edc knives at 20 to 35...

Tableau Datepart

I had a funky import into Tableau from Excel where my time entry where 1:23 turned into December 31, 1898 0:01:23 AM. For my...

Bugout by Benchmade

Here's a quick side-by-side comparison of the Benchmade Bugout and Bushcrafter. During these COVID times, one might lean more towards the Bushcrafter for its...

Sharpening Knife with Tormek

I did about 6 knives this round but only showing 1. I sharpened 10 knives on a whetstone during the COVID pandemic.

Metrics and Dashboarding Technologies

One of the pillars of Business Intelligence tools, metrics, and dashboarding technologies involves having quick and easy access to the strategic information of your...

WG Series Elite Warikomi Gold Gyuto

I'm very afraid of damaging my Masamoto knife that I have been using my 3rd string of knives. In fact, I'm probably using my...

Convert hh:mm:ss to Hours, Minutes, Seconds in Excel

I was stuck trying to figure out some Excel formulas because my data set decided to capture how long something takes into the format...

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