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Gerber Strong-arm vs Cutco Outdoorsman

While preparing another go bag, I reached for a knife and ended up grabbing my Gerber Strong-arm and loved the feel. Mentally, I was...

Medical Breakthrough Review

It’s June and places are starting to open up from the COVID pandemic but I don’t want to leave the house. I’m playing with...

Masamoto KS Honkasumi Gyokuhaku-ko Buffalo Tsuba Japanese Chef’s Gyuto Knife

Here's another knife review on the Masamoto KS Honkasumi Gyokuhaku-ko Buffalo Tsuba Japanese Chef's Gyuto Knife. I've been writing more about knives because I...

Gerber Tri-Tip vs CRKT Minimalist Cleaver

Seems like I'm doing a lot of knife reviews right now. I was watching some highlights from the SHOT Show 2020 that happened last...

Sakai Takayuki Knives

8 of 10 of my favorite sushi chefs have great knife skills and the other 2 have decent skills. What I found in common...

Kamata Kappabashi Knives

I took a long stroll down Kappabashi Street on one of my trips to Japan. Kappabashi Street is a pretty well-known area on the...

Cutting Spam

My secret to getting more consistent cuts for Spam. I've tried the die-cut blades but this does the job. At first I was disappointed...

Hocho Knife Review

I have been looking for the Masamoto KS Honkasumi Gyokuhaku-ko Japanese Chef's Gyuto Knife for about 2 years. I went to Tokyo but ran...

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