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Egg Souffle

Just making an egg souffle. Pretty simple recipe. Separate eggs into whites and yellow. Whip whites until foamy and thick. Add the yellows back....

Beef and Broccoli

Was craving some stir fry...here's an uncut video. It took me 11 minutes. It should have only taken me 8.

Install Apple Carplay Android Auto on MX-5

I took the jump and decided to upgrade my USB hub and firmware for my MX-5. This process was pretty stressful. On a level...

Tortang Talong – Filipino Eggplant Omelet

I'm not sure if it's an official omelet but tortang talong is a breakfast staple in most Filipino homes. It consists of eggplant, eggs,...

Short Rib Marinade Recipe

Here's a quick, easy, and tasty recipe for short ribs. There are many variations of this recipe. Mine depend on what ingredients are in...


COVID has limited my car radio time so I have to turn to the internet. I found a fairly new artist named keshi. keshi...

Deep Fried Squash Blossoms Recipe

Spring is here which means most farmer's markets will have squash blossoms for sale. I was lucky enough to have some squash blossoms growing...

Egg in a Hole

Not sure what you want to call it but there are at least 65 names for this dish. Here's how to make it. Ingredients Slice of...

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