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Cupcake Cake

  Just posting a picture of a cupcake cake I made a few months ago. This one didn't take too much time. The hardest part...

Lego Cake

Here’s my first cake of the year that was for a baby shower. This cake weighed in around 19 pounds. Oh, on size, each...

Elmo Cake Pops

Once in a while I’ll test my skills and push my limits beyond something I know nothing about. This round was cake pops. Cake...

Princess Chloe Dog Cake

Here's a cake we made for my aunt's new dog...I never knew my dog bone cookie cutter would ever come in handy.

Ponyo Cake

Here's a cake Tamina made for Ocean View's Sock Hop 2011.

Club Penguin Puffle Cakes

Here are a set of Puffle cakes from Club Penguin. Real simple - circle cake, carve, and cover with fondant.

Angry Bird Cake

Here's the Angry Bird Tamina and I made for Ocean View's Sock Hop.

Piano Cake

Here's a cake I made for a friend. She's plays keyboard in my church, loves coffee, and stars. Oh, she's into art too. The keys...

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