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Acorn Flour

One of my sons needed to do a presentation to his class about Native American culture. Being my kid, he chose food. Since other...

Coca-Cola Frosting

I'm still looking for the ultimate dessert to enter into a contest this year.  I came across this recipe for Coca-Cola frosting and there's...

Move Over Hello Kitty. Here Comes Chococat.

A special request came to me a week ago.  One of my friends wanted me to bake her daughter a cake.  But not just...

Citizen Cake Cupcake

Food falls from the sky!  Well, not really.  One of my coworkers brought me a cup cake.  I guess this is the start of...

Pumpkin Milkshake

Carving pumpkins is a tiring task.  You deserve a drink or two after dealing with pumpkin parts and cleaning up the slimy, sticky mess. ...

Mo’s Bacon Bar

One can say that I'm a bacon fanatic.  There was a time that I ate a pound of fried bacon every weekend for 4...

Baked Coconut Mochi

Surprisingly I'm not one for desserts or baked goods.  When I'm forced to bring in a dessert I usually bring baked coconut mochi.  The...

Sugar Cookies Recipe

Out of the blue my wife asked me if I had any sugar cookies.  It was a strange request only because we've been sick...

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