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Are you looking a wireless speaker that can be carried any where you want, work as well or even better than the other speakers...

David Bowie

Such a loss of a great artist.

A Song Can Be About Anything

A Song Can Be About Anything - Dan Wilson A song can be about anything About the second grade or the tv news Or how the world...

The Show Must Go On

I had the opportunity to go to a Green Day concert last night.  Unfortunately it was in the rain and due to the rain...

Job Interview Prep Music

In preparation for my upcoming job interview I decided to make a playlist to get my hyped up for my job interview. I prepped...

Rondo in D – Doug Chan

This Doug Chan guy is really good! I need to setup my house with a recording studio so I can record at 2AM.  

Clara C – Heartstrings

I picked up a flyer at my local Guitar Center for the free workshops that they offer and found and advertisement for TC Helicon...

Someone Like You – Adele

Someone Like You by Adele I heard that you're settled down. That you found a girl and you're married now. I heard that your dreams came true. Guess...

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